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Cowboy Poetry Book
All True Except Two!
According to Friend and Western Bronze Sculptor, Dan Norvell, Orville Riley "captures the true spirit of horse packing and camp life in the Bob Marshall and on hunting trips" in his humorous cowboy poetry book, All True Except Two.  He "presents genuine integrity and justice in all of his western poetry."  In this book, all of the poems are true except for two.
"Because I like to read poetry out loud, I had a really hard time doing that on a few of them.  I could hardly read them because I was laughing so hard on: A Free Load of Hay, Eat More Oats, Good-bye Angel, and Slim
After my first experience of falling off the back of a horse because the person in front of me got tickled, I decided that horses were much too tall for me.  However, Night Ride kinda made me wish that I liked to ride horses.  I enjoyed the whole book."

K. Davidson

All True Except Two     $15