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Riley Pellet Stove®
Another Innovative Stove from Riley Stove Company!

If you are considering buying a Riley Camp Stove, I highly recommend that you do.  I have been using three Riley pellet camp stoves for the last 10 years.  We use them three months out of the year at our hunting camp. 

Riley Camp Stoves are easy to set up and to use.  They provide nice even heat once you learn how to adjust the burners.  It's almost like setting your thermostat at home.  No more getting out of your cot every couple of hours to throw in another log in the stove.  Get yourself a Riley Pellet Stove.

Rich Vetsch
Shining Times Outfitting Inc.


  • Adjustable stove dampers (located at the front bottom of stoves) control temperature 
  • Warming shelves and hot water tanks attach to stoves on side hooks
  • Chimney fits directly into stove tops
  • Stove and oven legs fit into leg pockets that are attached to the outside corners of stoves
  • Warming shelves, hot water tanks, stove legs and ovens store inside stoves for easy transport
  • Patented air-cooled bottom.  Does not require sand to protect the bottom of stoves
  • Water tanks provide the perfect prevention of Giardia Lamblia
  • Approved and used by the U.S. Forest Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Full 5 year warranty
The Camp Cook's Dream!

Provides 8 hours of heat with a 40 lb. sack of pellets

while generating even and consistent heat.

Perfect for ranchers, farmers and any outdoorsman spending time in a hunting camp, calving/lambing shed, cold weather excursions and areas that are low in natural fuels.

Riley Pellet Stoves operate without the restrictions of conventional pellet stoves.  They do not require electricity to operate.



The burner unit is gravity fed and has an effective design that allows it to generate its own air flow.  It has a patented jet air system.  Besides being practical, these features make it ideal for an emergency heat source during power outages or for emergency service operations.


Riley Pellet Stoves are constructed from galvanized steel and come with a patented air cooled bottom that is almost impossible to burn through.  They are manageable, packable and easily transported from one location to another.

Pellet-Only Stoves

An all new state-of-the-art design.  This is one awesome stove! 

Burns pellets - no power required.  Needs minimal maintenance.  Burns clean.  OUTSTANDING!

The City Slicker Pellet Stove        $589
Measures 15"W x 27½"L x 13½"D
Includes burner, hopper, 96" pipe and legs

Weighs 42 lbs.

The Dude Pellet Stove        $499

Measures 11"W x 23½"L x 13½"D
Includes burner, hopper, 80" pipe and legs

Weighs 35 lbs.

Pellet and Wood Stoves

Burns Pellets or Wood!!

Trail Boss with Pellet Burner          $735
Measures 18"W x 28"L x 13"D
ncludes burner, hopper, 8 ft. of pipe and legs
Weighs 60 lbs.
Wrangler with Pellet Burner          $680
Measures 16"W x 26"L x 13"D
Includes burner, hopper, 8 ft. of pipe and legs
Weighs 48 lbs.
The Bullet with Pellet Burner          $610
Measures 11"W x 23½"L x 13½"D
Includes burner, hopper, 8 ft. of pipe and legs
Weighs 39 lbs.
NOTE: Pellet stoves do not work at elevations over 8,000 feet due to the lack of oxygen
at higher elevations! 
Warning: These stoves get very hot.  DO NOT leave unattended.