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Breakdown Stove

Thunder Breakdown Stove
The Thunder breakdown wood stove is designed with a double air cooled bottom, double wall construction and a patented non-warp top.  Its dimensions are 13½"W x 23"L x 14"D, and it weighs 36 lbs.

Thunder Stove Package

Includes 96" of 5" x 24" stove pipe

large side shelf

heavy duty carry bag

The Riley Breakdown Stove is one of our newest stoves.  It provides the added flexibility of completely taking apart the stove after use.  The Thunder Breakdown Stove offers a quality, light-weight stove for those who prefer a complete breakdown stove.  Stove pieces shown above slide together to setup and breakdown. 96" of 5" x 24" pipe, a large side shelf, and a heavy duty carry bag also comes with this stove.  (Instruction Sheet included with order.)

WARNING: Riley stoves are strictly an outdoor appliance.