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Outdoor Accessories
Outdoor Accessories for the entire kitchen setup!!

Compact Food Box/Pantry

Built-in compartment in the top of Compact Food Pantry to keep bread

and eggs safe!

Food Pantry Features

  • Shelves that slide forward for easy access
  • Legs dismount and store inside
  • All sides are heavily reinforced
  • Door (lid) serves as a table or work area
  • Complete with silverware drawer and towel bar

Compact Food Box/Pantry           $329

(with built-in compartment, sliding shelves,

towel bar and legs)

22"L x 22"W x 12" D          Wt. 29 lbs.
Compact Food Box/Pantry           $275

(Same as above, but with NO legs) 

22"L x 22"W x 12" D          Wt. 26 lbs.

Large Food Box/Pantry

Large Food Pantry                     $349
(with legs, silverware tray and towel bar)

28"L18W" x 12D"          Wt. 44 lbs.

Riley Porta-Potty

  • Heavy duty quality
  • Man-size (sturdy enough to hold up to a 250 lb. person)
  • Folds into a compact size
  • Comes with a plastic catch bag
  • Uses 20 or 30 gallon trash bags  
  • Weighs only 10 lbs.
  • Set-up dimensions:  21"L x 18"W x 16"D
  • Folded flat dimensions: 
    24 1/2"L  x 18" W x 3"D

Porta-Potty                                    $79

Carrying Bag                                 $22

Riley Porta-Potty
Boot & Glove Dryer
The Boot & Glove Dryer dries your boots, your gloves and any other items you may need dry.  Total weight is 5 lbs.
Boot and Glove Dryer
Metal Folding Tables

Deluxe Fold-up Table

(with carrying handle)

The Deluxe all-metal folding table opens to the size  of 33" x 30".  Its legs fit inside (plus much more), and you are ready to ride!  It folds down to the size of 15" x 33" x 4".  Total weight is only 21 lbs.

Deluxe Fold-up Table                            $149
Compact Fold-up Table
(with carrying handle)
The metal Compact Fold-up Table opens to the size of 30" x 23".  When closed, the table size is 15" x 23" x 4".  Total weight is 18 lbs.

Compact Fold-up Table                         $119
Montana Pack Rat
Patent 5737907

The Montana Pack Rat is easy for a man or woman to operate, and it will save you time ...and work!  It folds up when not in use, and it is light-weight (7.5 lbs. each).  It will carry those heavy and odd shaped loads.  When you reach camp, it is still functional!  By adding the "chair" legs and your horse blanket, it can easily be converted into a comfortable camp chair.  The Pack Rat will last you a lifetime without a slip or turn.

Items accommodated by the multi-purpose

Pack Rat

Hay Bales                      Coolers
Bed-rolls                        Pellets
Water Containers         Fire Wood
Salt Blocks                    Poles
     Wild Game             Most anything!
Montana Pack Rat                                $299
  (Set of 2 with legs)

The Half Rat is the same quality as the Pack Rat except it is slightly smaller and has no legs - for the packer who doesn't need an extra chair in camp.

Montana Pack Half Rat                        $199
  (Set of 2, No legs)

Roll-up Pack Panniers

Perfect for food boxes, hay loads, and your tent.

Heavy duty vinyl (truck tarp quality) construction that has wings to wrap around your load.  The wings hold cots or smaller objects securely in the center of the pack. 
Roll-up Pack Panniers