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Riley Stove Company!

Riley Stove Company started manufacturing stoves in 1982.  We manufacture outdoor wood-burning camp stoves, pellet stoves, Dutch Oven stoves, hot water tanks, warming shelves, temperature controlled ovens, warming ovens, fold-up tables, pack boxes, porta-potties, spark arresters, tent A-frames, and more.

Riley stoves are packable and easily transportable.
Riley stoves come in a variety of sizes!  Stove accessories such as hot water tanks, warming shelves, ovens, pipe, and legs attach to stoves and are designed with precise measurements to fit inside of stoves.  Riley stoves are easy to transport by horses, mules, as well as other modes of transportation.  They are constructed from galvanized steel and come with a patented air cooled bottom.

We use galvanized steel because it is rust-proof and will last 5-10 years longer than black iron materials. 

The first time you build a fire in your stove, the coating will liquefy from wood heat.  This is NOT a cause for concern as it will not burn off.  Allow this process 5-7 minutes to occur, after which the surface then hardens.  This process gives the stove a baked-on finish which protects it from oxidation/rust.


Using galvanized steel also makes your wood stove

more light-weight than other types of metal.

We have many additional Riley Stove products such as the Dutch Oven Cooker, Montana Pack Rat, Riley Food Boxes, metal folding tables, and much more.  At Riley Stove Company we strive to make your outdoor excursions memorable by designing quality products that last a lifetime!